Caring for Humanity International


A Foundation, organized and led by Filipino Nurses working in New Zealand, extending assistance to nations wherein from their circumstances require support.

We are looking at it from the perspective of alleviating people’s condition through systematic approach affecting particular groups who suffered traumatic events; conditions such as personal assaults (sexual or physical abuse), bullying, discrimination, natural or human caused disasters, serious accidents such as car wreck, terrorist attacks, natural disasters like tornado, hurricane, fire, flood or earthquakes.

Every country is now a party to at least one treaty encompassing health related rights (World Health Organization) hence, attaining the highest standard of health makes governments responsible for ensuring the access of facilities, goods and services required to be healthy is be certain. On that account, if it is unlikely, feasibly due to inefficiency or corruption; to witness an individual or community suffering injustices whose history and symptoms even if they do not meet the formal case definition yet, brings dismay and raises great concern for vigilant people.

We feel that because of this, a systematic effort through a step by step procedure to improve their situation is needed. We also believe that people in the affected area must first have a general conscious awareness of their situation. Programs that will enable them to realize and accept the gravity of their situation, is an essential step before they are able to gain control of their condition or before an attempt to heal must take place.

Furthermore, equality in achieving opportunity for health entails not only to allay the damaging effects but also requires reducing inconsistencies between populations in the underlying conditions such as education, living standards and environmental exposures necessary to be healthy. Achieving this requires co-operation from public sector, civil society and individual citizen.

On the other hand, the massive exodus of skilled workers from different countries may have affected the implementation of the strategies to alleviate the standard of living in developing countries. Apparently, people who usually migrates to a well-developed or industrialized countries are those trained and most educated individuals. The working programs of receiving countries may have helped address skills shortages, however the sending countries suffer “brain drain”, and this include the health sector where a considerable number of health professional stem from a country to another.

Given the situations above prompts us, that while we are helping uplift the economy of our home countries through sending funds from our earnings abroad in the form of remittances that contribute to local communities too. Our skills and expertise should not limit our absence to help uplift the lives  of our fellowmen.

We believe that not everyone who is in financial hardship is necessarily poor. We also see the  struggle in the midst of people after being exposed to a terrifying event or in a conflict zone potentially suffer physical, mental and emotional distress.

One of the effects, is the post traumatic stress in children which there is potential for actual occurrence of confusion and grave physical harm. This same condition to elderly who have frightening memories or even a person who encountered saving someone else’s life. Especially these days that recent conflicts or earthquakes are pervasive. These incidents may cause them to fear for their lives, see horrible things and may feel helpless. If we push aside the distracting effects of these tragedies  and they get worse it may disrupt their personal lives, making it hard to continue daily activities.

That being so, both equity and human rights views require that institutions not just deal with poverty and health but also help alter the conditions that worsens poverty and marginalization.

We intend to support, strengthen and continue what other governments, private organizations or institutions have already started. In the so-called “Third World Countries”, our desire is to reinforce mutual trust, hope and compassion.

We believe, that an initiative that arise out of good intentions in addressing the appalling effects of poverty and violence creates an opportunity where no one is left behind.

The driving force are not just to acknowledge the past and improve the present, but for the benefit of the next generation. If it is God’s will, we want the generations to follow from every corners of the world, inherit a future where the effects of catastrophe, violence and poverty are mantled.

Let this be our contributions to a prosperous community, one that we can be proud of and entrust to the next successors.

Our absence from our homeland while at the same time contributing to the workforce in New Zealand, our second home, will now go into a single cause through this charitable purpose. Through coordination and camaraderie we learnt in Aotearoa as our benchmark. We believe that it is time to share the blessings of this great privilege, setting forth our skills, competence and our sense of love to those needing affection, attention, or reassurance, especially to an excessive degree.

This humble land that opened doors to skilled migrants inspired us to extend our assistance  and care for humanity at a global scale.

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