CHIFoundation Day

Acknowledgement Speech by Lynnie Manuel

Eat, unwind and GIVE A LITTLE LOVE

To my beautiful colleagues in Caring For Humanity, fellow workers, our families and friends. Ladies and gentlemen, a GOOD afternoon to all of you!

What is your reason for getting up in the morning? What keeps you interested in life? What gives you a feeling of fulfillment – a sense that you have done something good for others?

All of the people who have contributed for this cause, and everybody who are here today, I reckon can answer it within ourselves right now.

I never imagined that one day I would be standing here in such a gathering like this. But today, I feel very humbled and honored to be here in front. For the sake of those people who have lost their livelihood, their health, worst their loved ones, people who are finding it hard to recover from the tragedies they have been through.

From the moment you have been thinking how you could help for a charity cause. When you spared time from your busy schedule just to be here. When you thought of the ingredients you needed to cook for today. Composed the dance steps, weeks of practicing your piece, reduced your talent rate- shared it with us. Crafted and designed the stage, logo, best graphics for the foundation. When you donated a portion of your hard-earned money for this cause,

You have already built a momentum in your life towards generosity and gratification.

As proven, generous and thankful people reported to be much healthier and happier than those who are not. I speak not based on theory, nor from a survey, but by experience.

There is no greater joy, than that you know you were able to give something for a stranger who can never repay you. Indeed!

When we are in a state of calamity, depressed or upset, sometimes food is the only thing to make us feel better. We seek guidance for us to understand what happened. We try to stand again. We enroll into a class, we want to train and equip ourselves with the knowledge we needed for a brighter future. Lucky for us, who can easily find ways to avail of these healthy avenues for recovery. But for some, it is a marathon to accomplish.

On October 2015, we will be conducting our first seminar in Southeast Asia, Philippines. The seminar wish to gather the victims of violence and natural calamities to discuss and learn about GRIEF. The goal of this conference is to help them cope with their grief and have a healthy mindset to move forward with their lives.

This activity would represent the privilege and the luxury they have to visit and reflect their losses, in a place and with people where they will be respected and their loss will be honored.

Caring for Humanity International, this Foundation believe, that not everyone who is in financial struggle are necessarily poor. We also see the  struggle amongst people after being exposed to a terrifying event or from a conflict zone potentially suffer physical, mental and emotional distress. And on these episodes, we see the children, women and the elderly as the most vulnerable group therefore, considered to be our priority.

We also hope to encourage women as equals of men and as wives and mothers, whom after being exposed to violence or natural disasters help shape their confidence back to workforce. As we believe that people in the affected area must first have a general conscious awareness of their situation.

Our work is coursing into a systematic approach providing life management counseling and other support programs to increase confidence, boost resilience, and help uplift their role too in the society. Eventually, raise their standard of living.

Our objective is to bring people together for mutual support, education and inspiration.

We wanted to make the seminar an absolutely memorable event of their lives. We invited some renowned motivational speakers who have reduced their professional fees and have signified their willingness and support for this cause. On top of that, we will be serving the participants with decent meals to bring in breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Caring for Humanity -CHIFoundation’s initiative is geared to provide various opportunities to increase people awareness and empower them to work to solve their own problems, improve crisis management and obtain support at the national, regional and international level. This would moreover, establish better coordination or teamwork between the government and civil society as we believe that individual citizen also has an important role to play.

As I quote, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

And yes, because of your valuable contributions, we are making it happen today. The people behind this foundation, feel very inspired to do their work and fulfill its mission because you are all behind us. And with sincere feeling, WE THANK YOU ALL! SO MUCH.

If one day, you receive a very good news,  or an answer to what you have been praying for so long, mesmerized with an overflowing blessings, then you ask yourself what have you done to deserve it?

Remember, we are on this together? You have given a little love. It is because you were here.

May you have a happy weekend. Cheers!



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